The little explorers at this age are very active. This room boasts a large ball pool for these energetic youngsters vital for development of physical abilities and coordination. Orange room is a large open plan room, perfect for the children to be able to access all the age appropriate activities and resources on offer.

Learning and Development

In this room we introduce jolly phonics which helps with the children’s speech sounds and the beginning of letter recognition. At this stage children can start to learn the initial stages of self-control and how to relate to other people. Children are encouraged to develop their social and cognitive skills by the people they have a positive attachment to.Exploration and a can do attitude will build self-confidence and help the children learn about boundaries and how to handle frustration. They start to integrate more into a group routine rather than an individual routine and they start to make new friends and become confident little people. The children are more able to express their needs and feelings and begin to develop a sense of self. With encouragement and plenty of interaction with adults, children’s communication skills grow and their vocabulary expands very rapidly during this stage.

Indoor and Outdoor

In this room the children start to explore and use their imagination so role-play and dressing up play a big part in helping the children grasp the range of possibilities there are for open ended play. For sleep time we provide sleep mats and each child has their own set of bedding. Outdoor play time is expanded to our big yard where the children have access to our sand kitchen, cars, bikes, scooters, climbing frame, slide and growing garden. Outdoor time is very precious so we try and make the most of our time by accessing it in all weathers and at least twice a day.