In Green Room, there is a lot to explore. We have a creative area in which the children can enjoy sand and water play, painting, arts and crafts, and a large tactile tray.

The children enjoy group time, singing, and story-telling in the large, comfy area. Green Room also has direct access to our outdoor area to engender ‘free-flow’ play between the indoor and outdoor spaces and to the children’s toilets where their independent use of the bathroom facilities is fostered and assisted.

In this room there is an emphasis on bonding, teamwork, sharing and taking turns, promoted through group games and lots of interaction.

Green Room practitioners allow the children and their interests to lead the planning, so working in partnership with parents is paramount. They adapt their approach to meet the individual needs of each child, providing challenging, stimulating activities that promote the seven areas of learning. We recognise that praise and encouragement helps develop confident children who are independently willing to explore. We strategically introduce the children to a wide range of concepts to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world, and incorporate key aspects of life into nursery learning, for example covering the seasons, and discussing how and why things change.

The outdoor area reflects indoor planning to ensure each child has learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, bikes, trikes, balls and a range of safe and fun outdoor equipment are easily accessible to the children. 

Staff continue to support the children as they grow to become independent, developing skills such as dressing, eating and toileting.

Green Room children are at a stage in their physical development where they can walk, climb and run, and join in active play with others. This is an important time for learning about dangers and safe limits, which is carefully acknowledged and close observation and gentle mentoring is administered at all times. The children’s ability to communicate is also developing rapidly in this age group, and they are able to vocalise their needs and interests to varying degrees. Engaging in conversations with children is fundamental to encouraging this linguistic process and the staff are happy to report that chatting to the Green Room little ones is one of their favourite aspects of the job!