Our pre-school room like the other rooms in nursery is a language rich environment. In here the emphasis is purely on getting the children ready for the big transition to school. Every day the practitioners are committed to structured learning where the children are split into small groups to do fun but educational activities. This is done in a non-pressurised manner with the focus on learning through play so children can learn at their own pace with other children at the same stage as them.

We look at all of the seven areas of learning and promote these in all activities indoors and outdoors. To help with communication and language the children build on their knowledge and enjoyment of our jolly phonics songs with regular small sessions throughout the day.

This room has three large open areas with an array of exciting activities to choose from. Children are given lots of choice to help them to become, happy, healthy and confident individuals. The room routine gives lots of opportunity for free flow and at outdoor play times the children are able to choose outdoor or indoor play.

In our Pre-School room we prepare children for their transition to Primary school. We work closely with your child to build confidence and independence as we prepare your child for their next chapter. We stay in contact with local schools inviting teachers in before their transition period to ensure it is a smooth one. Each child on their transition to school will have a full transition report and Teachers are invited into the nursery to meet your child’s key worker and see your child with their friends. This helps with the smooth transition to school.