At Hamilton House Nursery we pride ourselves on having that home away from home feel. Our Yellow room cares for children from six weeks to confident walkers.

Learning and Development

At this age babies develop rapidly and they have a very strong exploratory impulse. We enable this by giving them a wide variety of activities which includes all five senses, encourages learning and an interest in the environment around them.

Each child is supported by a key worker who will help to develop them in the three prime areas which include social skills, physical development, communication and language development.

We follow a flexible routine and will work around your child’s individual and specific needs with an emphasis on building good relationships and responsive care.

During a child’s first year, their development is rapid and as they become more mobile they develop new skills on the way. Learning is constantly in progress as the children learn by example from hearing how the staff speak to each other and the other children and how their faces change depending on different situations throughout the day, helping the children to learn to pick up on emotions. Staff share stories and like to sing with the children to promote this area of learning. We also look at other skills such as feeding themselves and learning to use a spoon. The routine adds structure and enable the children to start to anticipate what is coming next.

Indoor Environment

Our baby area is also equipped with cots, beds and bedding and a separate changing area and kitchen all located within the room.

Your children will be able to enjoy discovering and exploring with paint, sand, water and other tactile materials as well as observing, rolling, tasting, grasping and socialising. We also have an inviting cosy book area which promotes an early interest in Literacy.

Outdoor Environment

We have an outdoor area which is separate and specially designed for the younger children. The outdoor environment gives our younger children a chance to explore and use their senses and be physically active without boundaries.